AMG Driving Academy Shows Us How To Have Fun In The Snow

An AMG Mercedes is only released onto the road once a vast amount of work has gone into perfecting the vehicle. In seconds, the sporty, exclusive vehicle will conquer many a heart and win over the approval of technically motivated drivers. And with good reason, because across its 45 years of meticulous development, AMG has managed to successfully live up to the principle of performance perfection, sportiness, enjoyment of driving and success in motor sport. Needless to say, it takes a certain amount of skill to fully unleash the potential of any given AMG Mercedes model. With this in mind comes the AMG Driving Academy.

For 5 years now, the AMG Driving Academy has been educating Mercedes AMG owners on how to push the limits of both the car and driver. Events are held all over Europe, working as a melting pot and a gathering point of people all over the world for people to become better performance drivers — be it on the tarmac, the rain, or the snow.

The video above showcases the AMG Driving Academy event held in Sweden.

Guided by experienced instructors, participants can increase their skill level from the Basic level up to the Masters competitive class. This is the most demanding level of the AMG Driving Academy, where students are accompanied by professional instruction. The training will be topped off by the professional-class SLS AMG GT3 Competition. Participants will drive the high-performance SLS AMG GT3, or if divers choose to, their own vehicles.

If racing is on the back-burner, the basic class covers loads of advanced driving and safety techniques. Experience the joy of driving safety for yourself on prominent German racetracks or at the test center. This class is designed to increase the driver’s theoretical and practical knowledge of driving dynamics and automotive technology by learning from experienced instructors. The Advanced class will will explore the most important aspects of the topic of speed. Experienced instructors will use data recording and video analysis to demonstrate how to safely handle a vehicle at high speeds.


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